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Contemporary Indian Art

My goal in setting up this website ( is to broaden interest in, and knowledge of, contemporary art from India .   Originally, the website was focused on Scandinavia and therefore the text was in the Danish language.   However, as there is increasing interest in the website from other countries, we are adding an English language introduction to help visitors explore the website.

The website is updated each month, introducing the work of a different Indian artist, together with a CV. There is a ‘Month’s Work’ (måndens billede) feature with critical comment as well as a short introduction to the work of the most important modern and contemporary Indian artists.   These are presented under the rubric pictures (billeder).   Further information can be found on relevant galleries (gallerier), auction houses (auktionhuse) and supporting literature (litteratur).  

You can receive the newsletter simply by clicking on subscription of the newsletter (nyhedsbrev tilmelding) and give the relevant information: name (name) and email address (email) and the click subscribe (tilmeld). To return to the front page all you have to do is to click on front page (forside). Some of the information is also available in a print-friendly version (printvenlig tekst).

Preben Gondolf is the editor of Indian Art and he runs the website on a non-profit basis.   I’m a former Danish diplomat and was posted in the Danish Embassy in New Delhi from 1987 to 92, where my love, and collection, of Indian Art began in earnest.   My private collection is now around 80 works, some of which are shown on the website.   If you want to contact me click on contact (kontakt) and send an email.

Although the website is in Danish (apart from this Introduction, of course!), many non-Danes have found the site useful and interesting.

The following email was received from the Indian artist Vineet Kumar:
“ To my surprise it ( offers more information than any professional working in the field of Art, in India , would have known.   More than anything else what I liked is it's openness and it's links to websites of other Galleries, Magazines etc.”

So, welcome to the website and it is my hope that it will help increase your knowledge and enjoyment of Indian art. Comments and contributions are most welcome.

Preben Gondolf
Art Promoter


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